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With Smite Rivals hack you can hack Smite Rivals by adding on free gems and Gold.┬áSmite Rivals is the game released by the devloper after Smite Tactics announced yet another offshoot of their MOBAs Smite . This time the divine arenas are to be garnished with a collection card system, which is described by the developers as follows : “SMITE Rivals is played as a duel – with fast, intense battles in a three-armed battlearena You will be able to distribute the lanes and thus take the opposing tower on the other side by gathering and releasing additional cards in SMITE Rivals, new units, strategies and styles of play, all the advances that the players achieve with their account, Are transferred to all platforms from which they log in. So why wait just Download the Smite rivals hack below.

Download Smite rivals hack

smite rivals hack download

“With SMITE Rivals, we want to offer our fans a game that is fast and exciting and contains already familiar elements – but different from the MOBA player experience we all know and love, “Says Brian Grayson, executive producer,” Not only will players collect and command an army of their favorite characters in a new, smart graphic style – the advances in the game will be cross-platform! “Smite Rivals will be released on a free-to-play basis for Android, iOS, and PC in 2017. For more on the official website ,


The success of Clash Royale in mobile markets is being overwhelming. It is logical that many companies observe and imitate the phenomenon created by Super Cell to try to take part of the cake. Hi-Rez Studios , creators of the also popular MOBA Smite , wants to fight the game of the Finns with SMITE Rivals , their new production F2P for mobile and computer.


You must build a deck by choosing one of the title gods and different units to accompany you on the battlefield. Short games will allow access to new booties to get cards that will be added to the user’s collection, which can be combined for a perfect and bomb-proof deck … or deities.


The development team has confirmed an easy account connection regardless of the platform on which it is played; There will be rewards for MOBA users on Smite Rivals and vice versa. Its launch has been closed for the beginning of this year 2017, although it has not been specified when.

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