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Lineage 2 Revolution hack is devloped by us for the game Lineage 2 Revolution which had been in our memories of that computer MMORPG and this is a mobile version of that successful title · If you are one of those who have held the same thought, you have succeeded, Lineage 2 Revolution is based In the version for PC and we will observe it in Android and iOS .And to make it more intrsting we have been here to make you feel free with the game lineage 2 revolution with lineage 2 revolution hack.

I still remember the large amount of hours that I spent playing Lineage 2 in its disparate chronicles, including that my computer therefore could not take any more. · Catacombs, ‘Raid Boss’, Antharas, sieges and several other things you could do (and You can if you still play) in that game · Soon you will be able to do the same thing in your smartphone.So why wait Just use our hack below and get free money in unlimited numbers


Lineage 2 revolution hack download


The game has been improved using Unreal Engine 4 for its graphics and will have, at least as seen in the trailer, the same philosophy as the computer version · On this occasion we can choose between four races (Elves, Dwarves, Elves Dark and Human) and 3 disparate classes (Warrior, Explorer and Wizard).

Good fraction of the features we saw in Lineage 2 for PC will be in the mobile version, such as the ‘Raid Boss’ (you can see in the later video), the option to forge your team, joining clans, And even sieges · It remains to be seen if we can see other things like the option to use frames .

It is indisputable that it does not possess the great diversity that was brought by Lineage 2, leaving races like the orcos or the ‘Kamael’ and infinity of classes along the way, although we are talking about a cellular version · Either way, it is a game quite young yet, Since ** has been in mid-December in South Korea **, where it has 5 million players.

Netmarble, the company in charge of developing the game, has not specified dates in which they will launch the game to the international square, although they say that it will be soon. · A stableman will wait impatiently for the arrival of this game and will prove it in the same minute in which it You can download · Have you also given yourself a nostalgia attack Just download the game and Play Ruthlessly with our Lineage 2 revolution hack by adding free moneys.

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