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Fire emblem heroes hack is just a top notch hack to the game Fire Emblem Heroes which is the last little baby of Nintendo. If you’re already a fan of the Fire Emblem video game series then you’re bound to read this page. Besides, you are probably looking for a trick to increase the number of orbs on your account. Bingo, you have fallen, this page will solve your problem in a few clicks thanks to the generator of orbs .Triche Fire Emblem Heroes

Being a proven fan of this series of video games, I let you guess the state in which I was when I learned that a mobile adaptation of this series was going to be launched at the beginning of 2017. What aggravated me on the other hand , It is to note that the game was a Freemium , a Free-To-Play, in short, call it what you want. Personally, I am not very fond of this kind of game. First of all because I had to wait a year for it to be released, but mostly because it is constantly being recalled that the game is free when in reality, Is only partially. I almost want to say that the publishers of Nintendo “hide their game well”.




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For those who do not know this type of game, here is a little clarification: A freemium (or free-to-play) is a free game available on your download platform (App Store, Windows Store, Google Play). So you can download it without paying a penny . Where history is complicated is that from the first parts, you are forced to exchange resources against objects, cards, armor or other to be able to advance your character. Although the recharge of these resources is optional, it proves to be completely necessary if you do not want to wait more than 24 hours to improve your armor or even more generally to increase the level of your character. In the case of Fire Emblem Heroes, These resources are called the orbs  which you can easily get with our fire emblem heroes hack. If you’ve already gone to the shop side of the game, you’ve already seen that the amounts requested are not so incredible. This is what drives us to renew the purchase of these resources and to cry at the end of the month by seeing the salty bill that awaits us.

Fire emblem heroes cheicheI really wanted to develop this point because we are several to get ourselves in this way. I worked for a long time before joining the team of mods and to understand that there existed for some time a concrete solution to my problem: the generator of orbs using our fire emblem heroes hack .


The orbs generator on Fire Emblem Heroes: mode of operation.

Being the Developer of Fire emblem Heroes hack are making every effort to make this formidable tool as functional as possible. Directly usable from this page, it has the peculiarity of being very fast because it does not download  but you can also do it with our download tool above stated fire emblem heroes hack. In addition, the transfer time from the orbs to your Fire Emblem Heroes account only lasts about 10 minutes (and that’s with the worst connections).

Is the orbs generator reliable?

To 100%  ! As a first step, you should know that the generator you will find on this page has cost the developers of Fapijeux several months of work . In addition to being our own invention , we have the competent team to solve any bug related to the generator. Fapijeux is obliged to authenticate the reliability of the generator by experts before being able to distribute them on our site. Without this approval, we can not publish them, which explains why many games are still waiting for their generator.

The safety of our users is our priority . Also, we have added an anti-robot detection system that you will have to validate to receive all your resources. We do not laugh with security!

What are the steps to build my orbs?

  1. Open the builder by clicking the “Go to builder” button on this page
  2. Enter either your username or your email address (linked to the account of your download platform)
  3. Indicate the number of orbs you wish to acquire
  4. Click on “Generate”
  5. Validate our security system using the video available at the head of the article
  6. Restart your application, you’re done 😉

Fire Emblem Heroes: Game description

Prior to Fire Emblem Heroes there is Fire Emblem, a series of RPG-style video games developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the first time in 1990. Fire Emblem Heroes is the first mobile adaptation of the game and for a first, The success is already there.

For those who have never played one of the Fire Emblem games, do not be afraid of being lost in this new edition. Who says new support also says new plot.

Fire Emblem Heroes plunges you into a fantastic universe formed by two kingdoms that oppose each other: the Kingdom of Askr, led by Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena against the formidable empire of Embla, eager to conquer all the existing worlds.

Naturally you place yourself on the side of the gentiles and join the guards of Askr to fight Embla. You play as a hero invoker in the service of the Askr kingdom. During your adventure, you will have to make amazing encounters: from the fighter to the legendary hero, in short, you will not have time to get bored.

Triche Fire Emblem Heroes

You may have heard the rumor in the weeks before the release of the game: Nintendo having insisted a lot on the Android version of the game, many sites claimed that Fire Emblem Heroes would be de facto, only available on Android and not on iOS. Misconception, misinterpretation? Who knows ! As our iOS are reassured, the game is available on your mobile and it is certainly not our generator that will exclude you from the game!

See you soon for an upcoming article and a package of new resources!

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